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Agent Ransack is an amazing tool for all those users who spent a long time on their computer and use multiple files and software. In such a condition, you will often find yourself in a position, where you will be unable to find any specific file or program and end up losing a huge time. Agent Ransack has brought the solution to this problem as it is a type of search engine that make searches on your computer. It has been designed in a way that it is quite user-friendly, you just have to type your file name and it brings all the relevant results. It also offers multiple search filters like date, name, and size and you can apply these filters to get the file.

Agent Ransack can be used for both personal and commercial purposes and there are a large number of professional companies which frequently use this tool to sort the issue of different files. The good news is that Agent Ransack is a free-to-use tool which means that you will never be asked to pay anything to use it. The programmers have set a large number of search parameters on this tool which let users find their files in an easy way. Moreover, it is also secure to use and you can download it safely and start using it.

Prominent Features of Agent Ransack

Agent Ransack download is quite easy and it offers a large number of attractive features to its users. Here we will be telling you about some of the prominent features of Agent Ransack:

  • Agent Ransack is highly speedy software that provides you with results in a matter of seconds and you do not have to wait for a long time.
  • There are a large number of filters available in Agent Ransack which actually eases the overall search procedure.
  • Agent Ransack uses famous Boolean operators particularly AND, OR, and NOT.
  • If you want to use it for professional purposes like in a huge office, you can easily do this through its corporate version with a lot of amazing features.
  • You can also share results with other persons through reports, printing, and exploring.
  • Agent Ransack also supports Perl-compatible regular expressions.

Is Agent Ransack Free to Use?

Agent Ransack has the best feature of its no price which means that you will not have to spend anything out of your pocket or bank account to get this amazing tool on your computer. It can be easily downloaded on the internet and no one will ask you to make any kind of payment to get this software. Even if you get any wrong file which is asking you to make a payment, it will surely mean that it is not Agent Ransack because it is completely free to use.

Full Specifications and Requirements to Use Agent Ransack

Here is the most important information which is related to the specifications and requirements to use Agent Ransack on your computer:

  • Build 828 is the latest version released by the company which is equipped with all the latest technology.
  • You can use this tool on any of the Windows operating systems and macOS as well.
  • Agent Ransack is also a lite software so it will not ask you to free a lot of space on your computer.

Security Concerns Related to Agent Ransack

This is one of the important questions asked by a large number of users. There is some wrong news on the internet that Agent Ransack is not safe to use and it can cause viruses or malware on your computer. This is completely incorrect information as it does not have any kind of such security risks associated with it. Users can conveniently download this software and start using it and they will not face any kind of risk.

How to Download and Install Agent Ransack

Agent Ransack is quite easy to download software and you will not have to go through any complex procedure to do this. Here is a step-by-step guide to get this on your system:

Step 1. Type ‘Agent Ransack Download’ on Google to get multiple results.

Step 2. Select any of the credible links as per your choice.

Step 3. Click on the ‘Download’ button and wait for the software to be downloaded on your computer.

Step 4. Once downloading is finished, you can click on the file which will be saved on your ‘C drive.’

Step 5. In a few seconds, Agent Ransack will be in your computer and ready to use.


In a nutshell, it can be established based on all the features of Agent Ransack that it is one of the amazing search engines for your computer. By having this, you can easily find any of the hidden files without going through any hassle. It is also free to use and secure which means that you will not have to spend any money to use this on your system.

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