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If you want to edit and control your layout with your laser cutter, Lightburn is an amazing software for you. It can help you import your artwork into multiple common vectors and graphic formats which may include; DXF, PLT, AI, PNG, JPG, and many others. You cannot only edit and arrange vector shapes but also even create new ones by using this incredible software. The developers have designed Lightburn for professional use and if you are the one, then it is for you and you must give it a try.

Lightburn has been designed in a way that it is completely compatible with all operating systems like Windows, Linux, and OS. While using this software, you will not have to use any additional application; rather it contains all the features which are generally used in laser cutting. The good news is that it is free to use and will never ask you to pay anything at any stage. Not only free, but it is also safe to download and install Lightburn on your system and your security and privacy will never be compromised.


Prominent Features of Lightburn

Lightburn is commonly used by a large number of users and its popularity is due to the amazing features that it is offering to all users. Here in this section, we will try to explore some of the prominent features which Lightburn is offering:

  • Lightburn stays in direct connection to your laser and you do not have to download or install any additional software for this purpose.
  • It is supporting Ruida, Trocen, Gcode, and Topwisdom-based controllers and works smoothly.
  • It is highly fast software and sends the results directly to the laser cutter and you do not have to wait for a long time.
  • The user interface of Lightburn has been designed in a user-friendly way and even a beginner can use this without facing any difficulty.
  • Lightburn provides advanced cutting and engraving settings through which you can easily complete all of your operations.
  • By using Lightburn you can produce engraving photographs using the laser engraver feature.
  • You can also connect the Lightburn cameras with this software which gives access to the software’s camera to control different functions.
  • You can design quick links to your favorite designs in Lightburn’s Art Library.

Is Lightburn Free to Use?

Here in this section, we will be trying to answer an important question that is frequently asked by a large number of users. The question is whether Lightburn is a free-to-use application or if you have to pay some amount. The answer is quite clear that is absolutely free-to-use software and it will never ask you to pay anything out of your pocket to use its services. So if you are interested in using Lightburn, you can easily download this by searching it on the internet without paying a single penny.

Is Lightburn Safe to Use?

As Lightburn download is absolutely free, so some users ask whether it is safe to use this software or not. The answer is that Lightburn is completely secure and safe software and you will not face any difficulty while using it. There are no virus threats associated with Lightburn so you can download it without getting worried about any such risk. Even you can check this on the internet as you will not find any kind of negative reviews about Lightburn.


How to Download and Install Lightburn?

Just like the whole software is quite easy to handle, the download and installation part is also quite simple. There are no complex steps involved here and you can do this by following some easy steps. We have taken the time to write the complete downloading guide for you so that you can do this without getting into any trouble. Here are the easy steps:

Step 1. First of all, open the official website of Lightburn by searching it on Google.

Step 2. Go into the ‘Downloads’ section and find the option to download it.

Step 3. Here you will see multiple options for downloading it for 32 bits or 64 bits or Mac.

Step 4. Select the option as per your system and wait for a few minutes to get it downloaded.

Step 5. Once downloaded, click on the file and follow the instructions to install it on your computer which will take a few minutes.


To conclude, we can establish the fact that Lightburn is highly productive software that can help you in editing and control your laser cutter. It can be easily downloaded by following easy above-mentioned steps and all this without paying anything out of your bank account. It has been designed in a way that it is highly secure to use it and you will not face any kind of privacy risk. So if you are interested, you must download this and get your tasks eased up.

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