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CCEnhancer which was previously known as CCleaner Enhancer is a fantastic tool having a very small size but a huge number of benefits. It is actually an add-on tool for CCleaner that makes it more efficient and powerful in use. As a user, you will just have to add it to your system where it will support more than 270 applications and removes traces left by any of the other software. It means that while having CCEnhancer, you will not have to be worried about any damage to your system through other applications. It will be automatically cleaned by the CCEnhancer.

CCEnhancer is a highly efficient tool that is absolutely free to use which means that you will just have to download and install it on your system. Once installed on the computer, you are good to use it as you want and it will not cause any problems on your system. Not only free, but it is also user-friendly and you do not have to go through any complex procedures to get this. CCEnhancer is absolutely secure and safe to use and you can use it without any kind of virus getting on your computer. It will effectively keep your computer clean and will let you monitor other applications.

Most Important Features of CCEnhancer

CCEnhancer is famous among a large number of users due to its amazing features and this is the prime reason that it is also recommended by experts. In this section, we will have a look at some of the prominent features offered by the CCEnhancer. So here are they:

  • CCEnhancer is quite a small size application which means that it will not take much space on your computer.
  • It is offering the maximum number of options for cleaning purposes.
  • CCEnahncer makes sure that there is no trace left on your computer by any other application.
  • Currently, it is supporting more than 1000 applications so you will get your system almost clean even after having a lot of software.
  • CCEnhancer optimizes the speed of your computer by deleting extra and unimportant files.

Is CCEnhancer Free to Use?

There are a lot of rumors in the online market that CCEnhancer charges money for working efficiently on any system but it is not the case. CCEnhancer is completely free-to-use software which will never ask you to make any kind of payment through your account. You can simply download this software by searching it on Google and following the easy steps which will be explained in the coming sections of this article. So if you are facing issue of slow speed on your computer and burden of extra unnecessary files, you can easily download and install it, and start using it.

System Requirements to Use CCEnhancer

Here are a few requirements which you must complete before downloading CCEnhancer on your computer:

  • You should have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or newer to run CCEnhancer.
  • It supports all the Windows from Vista to Windows 11.

Is CCEnhancer Secure to Use?

As CCEnhancer is free to use, some people argue on the internet that it is not entirely safe. This is also not the case as it is completely safe and secure to use and there are no complaints from the users’ end. You can easily download without facing any kind of issue particularly virus attach or malware. Even the interested users are also welcomed to read the reviews posted on the internet by people who are already using it. You will never find any kind of bad reviews about it which is an open proof that it is safe to downlaod and use.

How to Download and Install CCEnhancer?

It is quite an easy method to download and install CCEnhancer. In this section, we are going to let you know about the procedure:

Step 1. There are a large number of websites on the internet which are offering CCEnhancer’s download and you need to find it.

Step 2. Write ‘Download CCEnhancer’ on Google and you will get multiple links.

Step 3. Now you can select any of the website and click on it.

Step 4. Click on the ‘Download’, it will be automatically downloaded on your system.

Step 5. Now you can press downloaded file and it will start installing on your computer.


To sum up, it would not be wrong to say that CCEnhancer is one of the amazing tools available on the internet for keeping your system clean. You can download it on your computer for keeping it safe and clean from any kind of unnecessary files. The good part is, it is absolutely safe and free to use and as a user you will not have to pay anything to get it. If you are in search for some efficient tool to keep your computer safe, you must give it a try and you will get the optimum results.

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